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We@Nourrissons represent EEG, the distribution platform of European majors Heutink International and its associate companies, beleduc and Hape that was formed with the objective of bringing the best of European Education to Asia.

The legendary European thinkers in education, whose passion for research in early education brought the paradigm shift in the way we teach and children learn through play, is being remembered on the 151st birth anniversary of Maria Montessori.

Building on the pioneering work of these luminaries, we bring high-quality learning materials for children to help innate talents to blossom. Designed in Europe for the world, EEG brings to the fore latest developments in European Education built on changing social and technology needs of the children. It incorporates Italian design and is manufactured to precision in own plants in Europe and Asia.

Quote “Our universe is not inherited from out forefathers, but borrowed from our children. We need to give it back greener” We@Nourrissons and EEG dream of an inclusive and sustainable world that respects the rights of children, gives equal opportunity to them and narrows the learning divide across the nations in Asia. Thats the concept of European Education for All.

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Partner in Design

a one stop solution to schools

Supply of Materials

supply educational materials,toys and furniture for schools


to aid harness the inherent greatness in our children

The child in you never grows ,while you age.
The child exuberance in you, drives innovation.

We@Nourrissons believe that each child at birth is an individual with vision for life and innate talents and capabilities ingrained to achieve that vision. Like the adult world of our’s, they too have their ‘liliput’ world that we need to discover and respect.

We@Nourrissons are committed to partner educators , parents in actualizing this dream through best of European education tools that’s brought to you through EEG

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