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Nourrissons Contur

The concept of early childhood education is based on playful way of learning. An environment enriched with play, sensory play, and play toys provide the perfect life experiences as building blocks. With this concept in focus, we offer products and complete solutions that provide kindergartens and day-care centers the best environments to run and develop their operations.

Nourrissons Global, represent European EducationAll Group (EEG) and Heutink International (Nienhuis Montessori - Netherlands) for the whole of GCC. We are a single stop solution for all early years’ educational needs for students between ages 0-12 years.

Our highest priority is in offering sustainable products of high quality that are safe for children and educators who use them.Taking social responsibility throughout the value chain and reducing our impact on the environment goes naturally along with that. We are driven by 5 Rs: Rethink, Redesign, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Quote “Our universe was not inherited from our forefathers, but borrowed from our children. We need to give it back greener”. We dream of an inclusive and sustainable world that respects the rights of children, giving equal opportunity to them, and narrowing the learning divide across the nations in Asia.

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a one stop solution to schools

Supply of Materials

supply educational materials,toys and furniture for schools


to aid harness the inherent greatness in our children

The child in you never grows ,while you age.
The child exuberance in you, drives innovation.

We@Nourrissons believe that each child at birth is an individual with vision for life and innate talents and capabilities ingrained to achieve that vision. Like the adult world of our’s, they too have their ‘liliput’ world that we need to discover and respect.

We@Nourrissons are committed to partner educators , parents in actualizing this dream through best of European education tools that’s brought to you through EEG

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